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Craft and STEM’s founders, Jessica Belnap and Christopher Ross, are a husband-and-wife team with a simple dream: bring opportunity to artists and craftspeople in Utah. Belnap has been a potter for the last decade, and a crafter for much longer than that. Ross is a commercial and industrial designer plus a dreamer. Together, they set out to build a crafter’s paradise & live the American dream.

Craft and STEM was designed to be a shared workspace and provide driven entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make profit with their products. Having experienced it themselves, Ross and Belnap know how big the gap between invention and production can be; Craft and STEM aims to fill that gap by providing inventors with the support they need to cross it.

Craft and STEM is always looking for experienced crafters and tinkerers who want to share their talents! Contact us about hosting a workshop, teaching an ongoing class, or forming a club to connect with others who love making things! As more and more people come in, C&S will also need to hire shop staff & management. Follow our social media & blog for details as they come.

Craft and STEM’s first location in West Valley City was just about purpose-built for our needs from day 1. Minor improvements over the course of three months turned it into a flexible, multi-purpose production space. Tucked inside a quiet business park just off Bangerter Hwy and Parkway, there is abundant parking directly in front and to the east of the facility. Low traffic, particularly on weekends.

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Craft and STEM’s founders are a family, so it was only natural for them to create a family friendly environment for pursuing their dreams. They worked closely with the appropriate authorities during construction to make sure that the space was kid friendly. Adult supervision is still required! Kids under 10 must always be accompanied by an adult because there are sharp edges and heat tools present.

Artists don’t have to starve! This cultural misrepresentation needs to stop! Craft and STEM makes it possible for artists to thrive with their craft. By not imposing any limitations on what or how much you can make in our studios, Craft and STEM encourages each artist to express themselves authentically. We are equipped with what you need to make your mark online, too! Visit our studios to find out more.

Not interested in production so much as creating a unique prototype or a constantly changing product line of one-of-a-kind creations? Not a problem! STEM Labs, Fab 1, the Mud Bakery and the Craft Studio are all flexible work spaces with large tool and material inventories, which means you can tinker to your heart’s content. Use every single studio in our facility for one project if you need to.

Innovation drives our economy, and it comes primarily from driven individuals with big ideas and a lot of passion. Craft and STEM aims to enable these inventors and innovators to design, test, fix and finalize prototypes, then replicate the results as needed to meet demand. Not everyone can have a workshop in their home, and even fewer people can afford the space needed to produce. Find it here.

The safety of our staff, customers and members is tantamount at Craft and STEM! Safety equipment and information is always posted in conspicuous and logical places throughout the entire facility. MSDS information for each material and chemical we carry is available at all times. Basic safety training for operating equipment and handling materials is covered at the beginning of each class and workshop.

Each of the studios at Craft and STEM is designed to optimize production while fostering creativity. All new equipment that has been tested and tuned for efficiency, along with flexible workspaces and constantly growing tool inventories make it as easy as possible for our members and customers to accomplish their goals, however modest or grandiose those dreams may be!

Take a look at what goes on at Craft and STEM! In addition to being a production studio for artists and makers of all sorts, Craft and STEM’s Show Room carries the most unique selection of handmade goods in the Valley! Member consignment and in-house goods are available for sale during operating ours and online in the Craft and STEM Etsy shop. Keep up with it all on social media, too!