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The pottery and plastics studios at Craft and STEM intersect in the workshop, aka Fab 1, where the tools and supplies for mold-making and casting in different mediums makes it possible for artists and makers of all types to produce multiples of their best work quickly and easily.

Four, sturdy workstation tables, communal tools, and coming soon: a dedicated micromanufacturing space for casting large quantities on the mezzanine.

Craft and STEM carries high quality and certified safe materials for making silicone molds, and certified safe casting plastics for producing products from those molds.

Craft and STEM carries a selection of mold-making compounds from Smooth-On, a trusted name in high quality casting materials.

Whether you want to make items from your molds or sell the molds themselves, we have what you need to be successful.

Making your own molds makes manufacturing anything and everything much less labor-intensive. Mold-making itself is a skill that has numerous applications across many different mediums.

Craft and STEM’s fabrication studio is designed to facilitate production of multiple items easier for small businesses.

Large scale ceramics production relies on plaster molds of all kinds. At Craft and STEM, potters and ceramicists can expand their skills and increase production by creating their own plaster molds. All the tools, materials and equipment needed for making simple to complex plaster molds are on hand.

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