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Making your own electronics, gadgets and toys has never been more achievable thanks to Smooth On plastics and inexpensive processing boards like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

We're purpose built for you to follow your dreams of creating custom technology. Not ready to dive into your own? No worries! We’ve got STEM kits & classes to build up your skills.

Coming soon, we will carry easy to build DIY electronics kits, and offer workshops in soldering, programming and plastic fabrication. Currently, looking to hire talented instructors interested in teaching 2 hour classes once a week or once a month for children and adults.

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Well stocked with soldering, ESD gear, wire tools and safety gear; Craft and Stem's custom built electrical workstations are permently grounded with lab grade workstation tops that are chemical resistant and durable to high heat & static electricity.

+Plus, a very comfy chair and individual power source. *Please note: no lead solder is allowed.

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Investment casting allows you to easily and quickly replicate original, handmade prototypes. The process starts with a rough draft in modeling clay which is molded and cast in wax. Fine detail is then added to the wax form, and then a master mold is created for small run production.

From there, just pour, cure and repeat as necessary!

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The gap between having an idea and making an invention is not nearly as wide as the one between prototype and production. Craft and STEM is dedicated to helping small business owners bridge that gap. STEM Labs makes the manufacturing process a lot more feasible and affordable.

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