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STEM Labs has everything you need to go from prototype to production, whether you’re making props, casting custom action figures, electronics, or experimenting with complex artistic forms.

Complete with three fully grounded & equipped work stations in Fabrication Room 1 and four heavy duty work stations with dedicated 20 amp power in Fabrication Room 2. Passionate, experienced staff on hand to get your project off the ground.

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Craft and STEM carries high quality & safe Smooth On silicones for mold making.

Start your project with Smooth On two-part silicones; Easy to use Mold Star 16 and 30, brush on Rebound 25, food safe Smooth Sil 960, and Mold Max XLS for durable production molds for hundreds of pulls.

Contact us for right casting materials for your project.

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Make plastics safely and consistantly with our stock of Smooth On urethanes and casting resins. Our selection of plastics are easy to use, and our entire chemical inventory has been inspected by our local Deputy Fire Marshal to ensure safe public use of plastics, even for kids & especially beginners.

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Craft and STEM is dedicated to supplying our members with the safe and high quality products available. Our supply is both flexible and versatile, and our staff is knowledgeable about the different options and their applications.

Not sure what materials will be best? We can help with that, too!