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Filled with all new equipment and designed for production, the 1300 square foot pottery studio at Craft and STEM has been affectionately dubbed the Mud Bakery.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, its Shimpo Whisper Wheels & Slab Rollers, two Skutt PK 1231s and inventory of slip casting molds make it possible to do your best work and make money with the results.

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An ever-expanding array of hand tools, a steady supply of mid-fire Laguna clay bodies and locally produced glazes; Craft and STEM is dedicated to quality and quantity.

With six Shimpo Whisper Wheels, a custom-built throwing station and individual work stations, you can produce multiple items quickly.

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Beginners are always welcome at the Mud Bakery! We want to cultivate your interest in pottery into a full-grown passion. Our instructors are experienced potters pursuing that passion.

Experienced potters, too! Host a workshop or prepare for a show.

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The Mud Bakery is meant for producing handmade ceramics of all kinds, and Craft and STEM is designed to make it possible for you to sell the items.

No restrictions on what and how many, the supplies necessary to package then ship your goods and onsite and online retail spaces for consignment.