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Ceramic Fairy Houses Wheel Thrown and Hand Trimmed
Fairy Houses - hand made ceramic luminary or garden decoration. Whimsical fun pottery.
Hand Made Ceramic Christmas Ornaments Set of Thirteen
Handmade Christmas ornaments - geometric with blue, pink, & purple stars, bells, & hearts.
Ceramic Ring Dishes Small Hedgehog. Nine Colors & Designs
These adorable little hedgehogs are perfect for storing small jewelry. Charming & functional in bath and guest rooms.
Ceramic Owl Luminary and Candle Holder. Red or Yellow
Hoot! These owls are hand thrown and carved, each one of a kind. Light them up with a tea light or a small candles.
Two Swirled Grub Bowls - Ceramic Bowl Two Piece Pottery Set
Two bowls in this set, both made from swirled brown, red and white clay finished with a simple clear glaze.
Agate Ware Bowl Set Hand Made Agate Pottery Two Piece Set
Decorative or functional, this set of two straight sided bowls stack nicely. Each is unique, hand thrown & one of a kind.
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