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Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Made with Peach & Moss Glaze
Hand thrown ceramic pumpkin is so pretty you're going to want to leave it out all year!
Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Crafted Autumn Decor - Grape Purple
Lovely purple glaze breaks white and pools dark with mottled pink over sandy clay body.
Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Crafted Autumn Decor - Strawberry
Flashes of bright blue where glaze pools, perfect drips down the sides of the smooth, white clay body.
Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Crafted Decor Speckled Cream Glaze
White flecks with orange spots, this pumpkin is a great neutral cream that compliments any color scheme.
Ceramic Pumpkin Green & Spearmint Glaze on White Body
Transparent green glaze just glides over the smooth clay body, pools of dark blue with specks of electric blue.
Ceramic Pumpkin Handcrafted Decor Brown Glaze on White
Brown on the stem of this pumpkin pools darkly at the base, then seeps down the white with delicate tendrils.
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