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Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Made with New Mountain Blue Glaze
The blue glaze on this pumpkin has amazing bright blue pooling and transitioning from translucent to opaque.
Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Crafted Autumn Decor Blue and White
Pooling creamy gray at the base of the stem, dripped nicely down the sides. Speckled white over gritty clay body.
Ceramic Pumpkin Hand Thrown Green and White Glaze
The visual effect at the top is like an oil slick. Light bounces around on the colors on electric brown clay body.
Ceramic Pumpkin Medium Size Green and Greyzel Glaze
Pooling army green at the base of the stem, breaking light brown, orange, and dark blue around the pumpkin.
Ceramic Pumpkin Large Translucent Green & White Glaze
Creamy speckled white under a translucent green, these colors pop!
Wheel Thrown Porcelain Mandala Dish - Celedon Green
Hand drawn mandala design, a truly one of a kind piece. High fired porcelain is durable and dishwasher safe.
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