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Visit the Show Room in person for the freshest Mud Bakery merchandise. Outside of Salt Lake? No problem! Order online from our Etsy page and receive your merch in three to five business days. We are updating the selection all the time as member consignment and in-house produced ware is baked to perfection.

Contact us for custom orders! Our production studio makes getting locally produced, high quality, vibrant custom pottery fast and easy! Food and drink taste better off handmade pottery, it’s a fact! Support local artists & get beautiful, custom ware.

stem workshops and class DIY maker space

Craft and STEM is the only place to find custom made action figures and electronics from local nerds and crafters! Connect with local talent to design and produce unique items and viewable social media content. High quality materials for every step of the process mean high quality results that can be replicated easily.

Each piece starts with a custom-made mold from a hand-crafted prototype, cast as wax so that finer detail can be added, then turned into a mother mold from which duplicates can be created quickly. This process makes replicating handmade originals efficient and profitable for small run artists.

Craft materials for sale at craft and stem makerspace

Everyone in your life would love to receive a handmade greeting card, trust us. They’re just the right thing for those that mean the most to you. While you’re at it, pick-up hand-crafted soaps and bath products from the Show Room or make your own in the Craft Room! Our dedicated crafters can take custom orders, too.

We ship our handmade goods domestically! In-stock items ship within one to two business days, and custom orders for handmade cards, soaps and other gifts can be completed in as little as three to five. Not sure where to start? We can help! Email us or visit us in person to get started on your project.