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To prove our dedication to quality, the Pottery, Plastics and Craft studios were built with all new equipment. In the Pottery studio, this means all new Shimpo wheels and slab roller. For plastics, all new workbenches and grounded electrical stations. The Craft TARDIS and three stations in Craft Room 1 hold an ever-expanding selection of crafting tools and materials.

The Mud Bakery, STEM LABS and the Craft Studio have all been designed to facilitate profitable production of handmade goods. Create a prototype, refine & finalize, then replicate as needed. Build a brand and a business! Photograph, film and capture the process for social media. Find your tribe and create a following. Make money with your art!

Pottery classes are enrolling now! Craft nights & paper crafting classes weekly. New workshops and classes are being added to the schedule all the time! Craft and STEM is currently seeking instructors and facilitators looking to share their craft and knowledge. In particular: soldering, DIY electrical kit assembly, any and all hand crafting skills! Woodburning, quilling, calligraphy, etc.

Sell your handmade goods at Craft and STEM! Dedicated space in-store and online. Quarterly Artist Spotlights & regular social media promotion. We want to be a destination for shoppers seeking unique handmade pieces, and for our members’ efforts to pay off! Consignment fees collected go directly to marketing efforts for selling the merchandise.

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Safety first! After working closely with West Valley’s Depute Fire Marshall during our construction phases, Craft and STEM can say with certainty that our laboratory is child safe! All casting and mold making materials are non-toxic, and each station is professionally grounded. Safety goggles, facemasks and hearing protection is available on site. Long sleeves required for pouring.

When it comes to production, casting allows you to make copies of an original piece quickly and efficiently. Craft and STEM provides the space, the tools and the materials needed to go from prototype to production via casting and mold making for both plastics and ceramics. These two studios overlap in Fab 1, where molds can be made from plaster or two-part Smooth-On mold making supplies.

Craft and STEM offers ongoing classes for sculpting by local artists and professionals who have real experience and passion for their craft. We offer a wide selection of Plastalina modeling clay, which is used to create the very first model. The piece is then cast in wax and the finer details added. The mother mold is created from the wax casting, and the finished piece is cast in plastic.

Design, prototype, create and then sell your own consumer electronics in Fab 2, aka STEM Labs. With three (currently) fully grounded and equipped electrical working stations, you can solder (non-lead only) and program electronic devices using Raspberry Pi or Arduino boards. Attend a workshop, or schedule your own party, to assemble DIY electronic kits that can be purchased on site.

There’s always something going on in the Craft Studio! It’s the perfect workspace for getting crafty! Three large work tables, each outfitted with nine electrical outlets to facilitate whatever tools are required for your project. Also, a 55” smart TV makes the room perfect for classes and workshops. Hourly, half day and daily rates for ad-hoc use available. Contact us now!

At least quarterly, Craft and STEM hosts a specialty crafting workshop. In Q4 2018 we’ll host our first Holiday Wreath Making workshop! Subscribe to the mailing list and follow our social media channels to keep informed of upcoming workshops. Have an idea or skill you’d like to share with others? Host your own workshop and bring more recognition to your brand.

Host your own workshop, reunion, shower or party at Craft and STEM! Reserve the Private Craft Room for parties with up to 8 attendees, or the Craft Room for up to 15 with room to work at each table. Bring your own materials and use our tools to complete a big project or let us create a party package for you so that each attendee leaves with a handmade treasure of their own.